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Appirio expects Jaipur centre to deliver 40% of its global services

8th December, 2015

Cloud services provider Appirio, which opened customer experience centre and innovation lab in its Mahindra World City facility, announced to hire 200 more employees in 2016 and expects the location to deliver 40-50% of the firm's global services.

"Jaipur will be a large percentage of Appirio as a company. Today, we deliver about 25% of our global services from the centre. We would like to see that increase to 40-50% in 3-5 years. We can envision a very broad range of services in our expansion areas such as business analytics, project management, etc. We will continue to add new technologies," said Chris Barbin, chief executive officer of Appirio.

Began operations in Jaipur a little over two years ago, Appirio currently has 350 employees but expects the strength to increase fast.

"We work on all areas for that include salesforce automation, system integration, and application development. But this year we have made a huge move with Workday, which as a company is growing at 40% year-on-year. They are a massive player in the space beyond We started the year with nobody in that practice in Jaipur and will end the year with 55-60 people. We are one of the few players in India to have certified consultancy in the Workday ecosystem," added Barbin.

Speaking on the growth areas for the company Glenn Weinstein, senior vice-president of global services & chief information officer said managed services is a major growth area for the company which is expanding twice as fast as consulting.

"We stared the company as a consulting company focused on implementing software. But last five years have seen tremendous growth in our post-implementation managed services business. This is traditionally the strength of the IT companies in India. But our services are different because they are fully focused on supporting cloud technologies. The managed services business is growing twice as fast as our consulting business. About 60% of Appirio's managed services team is based in Jaipur," added Weinstein.

On the emerging trends in services delivery, Barbin said historically people were just thinking of moving from on-premises technologies to cloud based solutions which is changing fast.

"In the past two years we have seen that there is a bigger shift to end-to-end and industry-based solutions. That's why, Salesforce has moved to an industry-centric approach. We have various industry solutions including customer experience and worker experience where we are tying together different cloud platforms."

Appirio, which has a little over 1,100 customers, is catering to clients in North America, Europe, Germany, Dublin, Japan and is not actively targeting Indian market which is about 1% of the projected $200 billion global cloud market by 2020. But Barbin said the size of Indian IT services market is about $350 billion with lot of talent and the company is more focused on cultivating the local talent than selling to this market.

Source: The Times of India

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